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"EASY JOB PLACEMENT": Placement for GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile Design Ahmedabad Gujarat India’s Students, because Gift quality of Design Education is supreme and by many good means, that is why this said Gift is also known by many other names by its activities and size as such Atom Size Gift or Gift NGOs or Gift Institute or Gift Design Institute or Gift Gandhi Institute or Gandhi Design Institute or Khalid Design Institute or Institute of Design or Institute of fashion Design or Institute of Textile Design or Design Institute or Institute of Design Education or Institute of Short Term Fashion Design and Textile Design Course or Institute of Part Time Design Education for Fashion and Textile Design or NGOs Design Educational Institute or Gift Gandhi NGOs or Gandhi NGOs Education, due to all above said outreach of Gift or popularity of Gift Good Design Education or visibility in Google or internet surfing or by Gift Graduates or by appropriate Industries or by talk in other Design Institutes for Gift Education or by Gift is prompt for new design course development in favour of Gift Learners as Industry needs any time or Gift lowest FEE Structure or Gift World Biggest Design Course or learning in Gift is Shortest or learning in Gift in Part time, Short time/term and Regular is Identical or Gift provides in house total learning materials appropriate by course content and tools, which is included in fee or now new admission fresh seekers understand this there is no alternate of Gift or other design institutes graduates finds their learning in incomplete and they join Gift to fulfil their dream and mission or they wants to learn specially from Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique or may be many other more reasons that is why Gift Gandhi NGOs Students come from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, all over India and Globally means across Globe for learning and after Gift Design Education they become Powerful in if they are doing Job or as well in their Entrepreneurship. Certainly they can be Fit in any situation and condition for day today’s Designing and Conceptualization Work for Fashion Apparel and Textile Designing without any Hindrance Hesitation and Hurdle as in Huddle, because their learning in Gift Institute was 100% Individually, Practically and Demonstratively from Gift Teachers, Faculty, Cad Experts, Skilful Technicians, Craft Persons and Visiting Faculty Dr. and Industry Experts in Ethnic and Modern with Advance Upgraded Technology. Gift Teaches only 20 to 25 Students in a year not like other known Design Institutes of India Where there they take 100 to 200 Students each year with No Good Faculty as like GIFT Gandhi NGOs Institute Has, That is Why Gift NGOs Institute Graduates GETS more Attention, where ever they work, that is why Gift is Different than any Known Design Institutes in India. As underneath mention Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique and Gift Gandhi NGOs Institute Google Blogs link is for internet surfer’s perusal

Prof. Khalid Google Blogs Links:
As underneath mention Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique and Gift Gandhi Institute Google Blogs links, is for internet surfer’s perusal

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile, Ahmedabad

When GIFT Ahmedabad Students opened their Design Folios in interview, than no one ask them their Diploma or Degree Certificate and they get job in their very first as such appearance and this truth is with them where they are working, which Gift Ahmedabad and Industry can not deny 

In the year 2016-2017 sooner many GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile GRADUATES will be out to work in industry and their joy of GIFT EDUCATION can be seen through individual or in group photographs as follows:

These new Atom Size Gift Google Blogs as said mention underneath, very soon will be uploaded in favour of globe fresh learners PERUSAL.                


Why Job Placement of GIFT Graduates:

Thinkest thou, Wherever  Gift Ahmedabad graduate work and leave the respected organization/industry after long working, that said organization/industry again like to employ Gift Gandhi Institute Ahmedabad graduates only, because they do not want different style of working pattern to loos the business, than think how differently GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile make perfect DESIGNER as industry need than other Design Institute, for this kindly check Gift Website or GIFT Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique Google Blogs or in your perusal

The message of God 87 “Most High” A’la  
Wonderful are the ways of God in creation, and the love with which he guides his creatures’ destines, gives them the means by which to strive for maturity by ordered steps and reach the  end most fitted for their natures. His law is just and easy and his grace is ever ready to help: let us look to the eternal goal, with hearts and souls of purity and glorify his name: for in this changing, fleeting world, His word is always true and will remain through all the ages, ever the same.

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile is as above said in chapter 87 is in mention following our less an good understanding, as in Atom Size Gift everyone should ever ready to help student for his or her true learning with eternal goal authority to splendour professionally, which nor student or nor industry can deny and this word of Gift Institute will remain forever as long Gift will remain on this paradise earth of Ahmedabad

The message of God 88 “The Overwhelming Event” Gashiya  
Have you heard of that tremendous day when the good from the Evil will be separated? There will be soul that day will burn and grovel in the blazing fire of Wrath! No Food can fill their Hunger: no Drink, Alas, can slake their fierce Thirst! There will be Soul that Day will shout With Joy to the glory of their Lord! Their past Endeavour will now be Achievement. Raised high on Thrones of Dignity they will be guests at the sumptuous Feast of Bliss. Let man but look at his dominion o’er the beasts of the field, or his glorious Canopy Of stars, or the Eternal Hills that feed His streams, or the wide expanse of Mother Earth that nurtures him and he Will see the ordered Plan of God. To Him must he return and give account! Let him, than, learn his Lesson and live!

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile is as above said in chapter 88 is in mention following our less an good understanding, As Gift Faculty is always ready for Atom Size Gift student Design Educational knowledge and verily its utilization of same as identical in versatile manner as derivatives, its similitude and multitude in two and two endless and is accountable utility which bless for their future professional life and this good will add value in their life and their past evil force of less knowledge will be separated in Gift and transform new life in them, by our practically skilful teaching very often, think what else learners parents needs from Atom Size Gift in favour of their ward and this learning of Gift will remain in them as long they will live  
The message of God 89 “The break of day” Fajr
Man is apt to forget the contrasts in nature and life and all that they mean in his spiritual growth. Perchance his mind is so absorbed in what he sees that he doubts the vast realities he does not see. The present makes him blind to the past and to the future, fooled by glory, he fears not a fall; and baulked in disaster, he gives up hope and some time faith. Let him study nature and history and restore his faith: realising the sure event, the hereafter, let him find his fullest fulfilment in the service and the good-pleasure of God!

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile is as above said in chapter 89 is in mention following our less an good understanding,  as faculty of India’s Gift Design Institute Ahmedabad teaching in continuation of design subject’s in correlation with plentiful practice to inculcate Gift total learning in unforgettable manner as like they are writing history for their own future professional growth in advance and as said mention above their recalling historical learning of Gandhi Gift Institute is wonderful asset for them to live with, that is why glory of Atom Size Gift Ahmedabad graduates and sooner their work will be flooded in near future in favour of other institute students learning on internet and this is Gift Design Education mission and objective and this doubtless vast realities of Gift India, even this Gift cannot deny, due to the transparent education of Gift in India. Because Gift never fool Gift Students like other known design institutes in India do, in the name of shows and growth or industrial trips or visiting training. Gift Educational belief is no one can change or snatch our destiny, which has written by God than why worry, that is why GIFT EDUCATION is transparent in favour of globe learners   
 The message of God 90 “The City” Balad
The prophet’s own city persecuted him. Honoured by his nativity, it sought to slay him: yet he loved it and purged it of all that was wrong. What toil and struggle did it not involve? Man is made for toil and struggle: Let him not boast of ease and wealth. He him called to account for all his doing. Let him use his God-given faculties and tread the steep path that leads to heaven’s heights: the steep thereto are love, unselfish love, given freely to God’s creatures-all those in need-and faith in God and patience joined with self restraint and kindness. Thus only can we reach the ranks of the blest companions of the right hand!

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile is as above said in chapter 90 is in mention following our less an good understanding, as we all know this, The human soul is prone to sin and our attention is always prompt in action and follows quickest wrongful happening and easily neglects the Good, this is happen due to God gave us more senses full faculties than other creation and left this for man to decide how he wants to live with, for this we cannot question to God. Man life is full of toil and struggle. Unselfish love with toil and struggle in life means spiritual work wise overall growth in life but in this today’s world is seen less, because many man lives in this world with higher percentage of their selfish speed to gain as their liking of worldly subjective stuff and as they gain or not but very often they lose patience by many means in life due to their greed, to understand this as an example: “especially possessing attitude” if teacher, guide, mentor or any admin person who possessed knowledge and  not imparting to their associate or learner where they work then and there that educational institute or college will have head fall sooner and this can be seen very often in verily in any nook and corner of educational institutions or otherwise maybe they do not fit for teaching or not possess subjective appropriate knowledge, that is why they making design education as battle field through sense less show-off  or criticise or snubbing  others or jealousy with their colleague or many time with intelligent learner than them or otherwise by identical overall many means and such said educationist are valueless for others, but today  they are very prompt famous by their fullest advertisement for self promotion and poor [by mind with no understanding vision of schemers] fresh student follows there style and in the end of education they cries for fruitless knowledge.  
Since many years Atom Size Gift Ahmedabad is known for showing Gift Transparently on internet through Blogs and Website as identical same in Gift in house to show to all those who visit, its total true Gift design educational programme and student learning activities as with Gift fashion and textile course abstract/syllabus and contents in detail with work picture plate, art work photograph with description to world learners and other institutions perusal and their learning and this is not possible for other known design institute because they do not possessed or do not want to share their expertise, is doubtful today why? Or Is like Elephant teethes they possessed, which they shows to fresh learners? In India

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Educational TORTOISE WALK: since 1995 onwards:
As Gift self restraint and kindness to Gift NGOs learners goal of life with determination

One and half decade before, after Gift learning, gift students were trying big design institute for further learning as nid nift and same status institutes and since Atom Size Gift shown its presence on internet than big design institutes learners trying for appropriate learning in Atom Size Gift. This means Gift world biggest design course any fresh learner can do in short span-short term or in part time or in regular as more hours learning in a day same design course identically as learners choice in very, very less amount and this is happening in Gift due to our educational good mission, polices, objective and certainly this is not possible in other big design institutes or colleges to do so anyhow or in their longest period of learning, as gift does, as like Atom Size Gift fashion or textile design course, which Gift students learn in Gift classroom in short term, short span, part time or learning regular with more hours in a day identical same design subjects as gift course abstract syllabus which Gift gives to student in 100 text page with students learning photos and work coloured book in detail for their perusal and this is very transparent to understand with faith and evidence  

Gift toughest and biggest design courses of fashion and textile for other design institutes or colleges to handle or teach is not possible, but Gift simplest methods of skilful technique with patience full humbly teaching objectives makes very and easy and simple and good for Gift learner to learn quickest and there than they can practice professionally as after they learn design subject in Gift

Gift and Gift faculty missions is to make gift student, he or she must stand  with their own power as professional anyhow in Gift learning time, because they need to sustain them in  any condition whenever and wherever they practice their inbuilt designing strength for good and more good results for their organization success or as an entrepreneur

Toil and struggle of GIFT since 5th October 1995 and yet in this, there is no END for Gift toil of struggle, but in  result Gift is seen everywhere in general category as Institute of Fashion and Textile or Institute of Design or Designing or Institute of Textile or Institute of Textile Design or Institute of Textile Designing or Institute of Fashion or Institute of Fashion Design or Institute of Fashion Designing or Part time, Short time Design Education for Fashion and Textile or Design education otherwise by name as like other Institutes or colleges, Gift is seen in net surfing as GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile or Gift Institute of Fashion and Textile or Gift Institute of Textile-design-designing or Gift Institute of Fashion-design-designing or gandhi Institute of Textile-design-designing or Gandhi Institute of Fashion-design-designing or Gift Gandhi NGOs or Atom Size Gift or  Gift India or Gift in India or Gift education of India and more can be seen easily in internet surfing across the Globe and this happen simply due to we consciously involve for quality of education and up gradation appropriately very regular without any hesitation and hindrance as present industries  needs in our teaching.
Thus only when fresh learner if can reach to the right design institute hand for the ranks of the blest knowledge with fullest companions of good surrounding and good happening, then there, there is growth and its name is Gift and due to this Gift lives in with fullest challenge in each part of working time and Gift education is blest and Gift became resistant but this achievement of Atom Size Gift, which certainly other known design Institutes cannot oblige but they are not able too, to deny this as above said mention.

The message of God 91 “Shams” 
All nature around us and her pageants and the soul of man within, proclaim the goodness of God. God gave the soul
The power of choice and sense of right and wrong, let man keep it pure and attain salvation,-soil it with sin reach perdition. Inordinate wrong-doing ruined the Thamud. They defied God’s sacred law and his prophet and went to Destruction for their crime.

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile and is as known too, such as Gift Gandhi NGOs or Atom Size Gift or Gift India or Gift Education is in as above said mention in chapter 91 for following our less an good understanding, as we all know this, we all possessed The power of choice and sense of right and wrong, even then in most of time and in many cases and situation we human gets entangle themselves with wrong choice for in many selection by own and ourselves and for this we blames others. In temptation and selecting wrong Design Institute for learning, which develop and leads learner life to high level of frustration? And its final end result is, they are not practicing what they have learnt in design education, means waste of precious time of life growth and learning expenses, which means more frustration and that makes life more miserable to live  

Works and Administration Office:
Survey No. 145/A, Pirana Road,
Ahmedabad – 382405, Gujarat,
Telephone +91 79 64502248
Contact Person Mr Mahenddrasingh Parihar



CONTECT: + 91 79 98250 83200
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Textile Designer and
Fashion designer

Bhumika Lalit Manglani, Ankita Singh and Archana Kishor Makwana Join RANKAS TEXFEB PVT LIMITED IN THE YEAR 2016 AS A TEXTILE DESINGER "RANKAS TEXFAB PVT LTD" in Ahmedabad

Textile Designer and
Fashion designer

Textile Designer and
Fashion designer
Textile Designer and
Fashion designer

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Textile Designer and
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Fashion designer

CALL CONTECT: 955 8375 911
Textile Designer and
Fashion designer
Aamod is a well known name in the Gujarat  
Community, below are the press Releases that we are proud of our collection is very fashionable trendy and priority choice amongst the customers
City Bhaskar 31.08.2016

A recent article published on the front page of City Bhaskar, Ahmedabad Gujarat praised Aamod very versatile and creative collection “Sound of Soul” The themed designs were a success amongst the fashion lovers   

Coverage of our designer collection DNA Ahmedabad

An Event Showcasing Cholis and Traditional Jewellery at the City Gallery, Aamod’s Fashionable Showcase was a very successfully show a big stepping stone to our success  


           CALL CONTECT: 955 8375 911

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile, Ahmedabad


When GIFT Ahmedabad Students opened their Design Folios in interview, than no one ask them their Diploma or Degree Certificate and they get job in their very first as such appearance and this truth is with them where they are working, which Gift Ahmedabad and Industry cannot deny

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Students: Year 2014......2016
 Safina Shafaqut Hussain Shaikh,Shivani Sanjay Mantri, Zalak Harshad Bhai Patel, Alisha Paresh Patel,Aaishakhi Ganvant Thakkar, Neena Rohit Pathania, Pooja Pradeep Kalaria, Komal Ahmed Hussain, Anne Sandhya Manchala, Maira Dobi Boje Chandwani, Quratulain Iqbal Desai, Divya Parveen Bhai Patel, Twinkle Rajesh Vachheta, Sona Nemichand Chopra, Payal Jigar Thakkar, Janki Deveyakant Tejura, Afreen Aftab Shethwala, Archana Kishor Makwana, Ankita Singh, Bhumika Lalit Manglani, Ami Kirit Bhai Solanki, Mehzabin Iqbal Patel, Naznin Iqbal Patel, Juveria Iqbal Baig, Ruchika Murlidhar Chandak, Nimisha Purshottam Agarwal, Ravina Divy Patel, Dr. Toral Kalpesh Goswami, Mohammad Yakub Ansari, Dipti Ranchod Bhai Patel, Hiral Paresh Bhai Shah, Karishma, Shiksha Ronak Shah, Manish Mahendra Kumar Goidani, Ankita Bhanu Bhai Dobariya, Vaishnavi Vinay Kumar Sahu, Saumya Deepak Agarwal, Binal Kanu Bhai Patel, Shrushti Sunil Bhai Patel, Mamta Ramesh Mali, Ankur Ambalal Patel, Karina Parvin Anwar Khan Pathan, Priyanshi Rajkumar Ostwal, Suchi Kaushal Jhaveri, Juhi Ram Soni............

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